Hey wikiers,

Heres a list of pages that need to be made or edited please contribute to the list by adding to it and removing things when done. 

Need to be Created

Aoyagi Masaki (& fix links in Misaki's page when made)

Seimei Nowaki  (& fix links in Misaki's page when made)

Article Stubs 

Mr. Aoyagi

Septimal Moon

Yayoi Shioiri

Epheremal Bonds 

Candidates for deletion 

Johanasen I'm unsure how to delete, this redirect page is unnecessary. All references to school should be Yonojounan and this page should be deleted.

Fan Character Page? 

Zero (Female) & Zero (Male) pages probably unnecessary, add info to character pages or Zero page

Chiyaco Misspelling redirect, unnecessary 

Name Order Fixes Needed

Yuiko Hawatari


Utaka no Kizuna Please set to redirect to Epheremal Bonds

Nisei Akame Add headers (sections e.g. relationships, personality, about) Add more photos, change appearance references to specific manga chapter rather than volume number