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  • Hi! I've been a lurker for a long time, but I've decided to try to do a bunch of cleanup on the pages here. Can you get in touch with me about the locked wiki pages? My email is


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  • Hey there - if you're still active I'd like to know:

    • Concidering Ritsu Minami: when did he say the quote at the beginning of the article ("Look into my empty eye sockets")
    • I read the Manga until vol 12 but I never saw a picture of Ritsu's eyes after he was atacked by Seimei....where do we know the eyecolor from??
    • Is there a flashback of Soubis mother?? I can't remember... although I read the Manga
    • I chouma ever seen in her wheelchair??

    Do you know anything about the content of the drama cds??

    Thanks in case you read this :)

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    • I did not add the quote. It must have been another user. In terms of the manga, I'm just into volume 3 because I've been focusing on college and then someone stole my copies so I need to buy new ones. I discovered the series through the anime years ago. I think Ritsu's eyes were given a color in the anime if I remember correctly. I don't believe Soubi's mother has been shown yet.

      Glad to see the trolls didn't drive everyone away ^^

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    • Hey!

      Sorry for just "intruding" here, but as much as I know (I read the manga 1-12) there was never a scene where Ritsus eyes were seen after Seimei stabbing them out. (I only saw him wearing a bandage afterwards). In the anime his eyes were green, that's correct, but he wasn't attacked by Seimei (yet) because the anime ends with Seimei appearing again but not meeting anyone.

      Maybe it was some mistake, as his hair are silver in the anime and the user editing it had mistaken that for Ritsus eyecolor later...I don't know.

      I also can't remember Soubis mother beeing shown yet.

      I still like the series and hope it will continue - I think it is a problem, that the manga has only about one release per triggers the fans lose their interests in the story, what is indeed very sad.

      Even 2 releases per year are a long time (like it's with the manga Servamp by StrikeTanaka).

      But I am looking forward to reading the next chapters when volume 13 is released^^. Maybe the question will be answered.

      (By the way: As it says Ritsus eyes were stabbed out, he actually can't have another eye color - because he doesn't have any eyes right? That's what I thought about it.)


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    • Yeah. I think Kouga said she was thinking of ending the series after a few more volumes. I've heard that rumor going around for a while though. It's a shame that the series also seems to have a pretty small following on the account of how bad the anime (and dub) being part of the blame. With that said, the series could have potential if the anime was rebooted with a different studio because the one that did the one that released a few years back was pretty bad. If the anime was a bit more polished, it could have brought in more fans. We only get a few members here as it is.

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    • Yeah, yeah,

      I guess you're right. I wish they reboooted the anime once the manga came to an end.

      I really hope the sychro is better than. I know the Japanese, English and German Dub, but the Japanese is the best - that's for sure. I allways whatched it in Japanese with English Sub.

      In German it feels the talk so...slow...and some of the voicec don't fit =(.

      Whent I heard Ritsus voice in Japanese I jus thought "Who is this...I know that voice! OMG - It's Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss!!!" (An anime and Game. the Games was published in English for N3DS and PS3 if you live in USA). I found that voice fitting for him, really - the two of them have their cynical behaviour in common.

      In German I realized e.g. that he shares his voice with "Merry" from "The Lord of the Rings" - not as fitting as in Japanese but better than in English.

      The pronounciation was a the German version they always tried to say "Agatsuma" like in Japanese but they just dropped the "U". Same in "Ritsu" - in the Japanese version, you can hear the "U" but in German they just said: "Rits" and if feels somethin is missing....

      And they failed to pronounce the "R" correctly...But you always have that problem with German Dubs. At least most of the time.

      The same in Ouran High School Host they pronounced the names...some characters skipped the second "H" in Haruhi. And the way they said "Hitachiin" they used the German "CH" instead of the Japanese...So their name sounded like a drug xDDD.

      I am kinda curious how the story ends in Loveless. What will happen to Seimei, will he be killed, or will he come back to his brother (what I can't really imagine), will Ritsuka lose his ears...will Soubi be free from Seimei and Ritsu?

      Hope the next volume will release soon^^. Have you heard of a release date yet?? me not. (Talking about Vol.13)


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  • Hello! I've been looking at and anonymously contributing to this wiki for a long long time! I saw your post about needing more admins and I was wondering if I could help out at all?

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    • Well currently we have a user that I'm training to be an admin so I think we're fine. Also, I can't just offer up the position to brand new users with no history behind them. But I do appreciate you taking the time to contact me about it :3

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  • is there a way to delete photos on here? someone I know is on here carrying their little feud with me onto the wikia and I want to get it removed. this isn't the place for that kind of crap.

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