Hiro Hayuata


Name: Hiro Hayuata

True name: Painless

birthdate: December 12th

sign: Sagittarius

age: 12

gender: male

role: Fighter



unnamed woman ( mother deceased)

unnamed man ( father deceased)

Hisoka Hayuata ( twin sister)


The Speechless arc

Flashbacks and more

Voice actors ( My fantasy)

Japanese: Minagawa Junko

English: Ashley Thrill

Hiro Hayuata is 12 years old and is Hisoka's twin brother. His true name is Painless and the mark appears on his right hand.


Like his sister. Created by me Cartmanlover18 ( Destiny Gaspard). True name is painless. He also enjoys reading and cooking.


See Hisoka. Just like his sister


He is the oldest twin but he doesn't act like it. When he was eight, he faked his death to protect his sisters secret


Likes to dye his hair also and looks just like Hisoka


Not much is really know yet on why he faked his death, though it is implied that he did it to keep his sister safe.


Like I did with Hisoka, I drew pics of them together and also tons of pics of him when he is older

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